Elche will help its companies to overcome the difficulties of the Covid 19

The Mayor of Elche, Carlos González, has announced that the Municipal Government Team is working to mitigate the effects that this health crisis is causing in the local economy and is considering taking measures to deal with the impact it may have.


The councillor declared that “we are going to ask SUMA (the autonomous tax management body) to study the feasibility of applying an extension to the deadline for payment of Vehicle Tax for entrepreneurs and the self-employed workers. In addition, we also request an extension of the deadline for payment of IAE to companies in Elche that require it as a result of the difficulties arising from the decline in production”.


On the other hand, González announced that “we are also going to ask the Spanish Government to authorize the disposal of the municipal surplus to implement economic stimulus policies at the municipal level, thus contributing to mitigate the economic consequences of this health crisis”.


Elche, which is part of the “Invest in Cities” network as an attractive city for investment. Located in the province of Alicante, it is a city with a good communications network in which the footwear industry and a strong innovative sector stand out.



To help companies in this territory, the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, has announced measures of flexibility and aid as a line of credit for micro-SMEs and self-employed of the IVF will go from 1% to 0% interest and may be used for working capital, ie liquidity of companies.


In addition, Puig has created a fund endowed with 200 million euro with the aim of investing in the capital of medium and large-sized companies with roots in the territory and with the capacity to stimulate economic activity.